The Antichrist

The ancient Church fathers taught that the Antichrist would be of the tribe of Dan.  This a view espoused by no less lights than Chrysostom, Jerome, likely Augustine and Irenaeus. What possibly could it mean?

No modern Jew traces their lineage to the tribe of Dan. One must go deeper and understand that the name Dan means “he has judged me” from the Hebrew Dananni. Further we know that the Antichrist will be able to produce fantastic events. So what does this mean?

In the western Catholic Church, when there are eucharistic miracles, samples are sent to secular labs to “judge” the authenticity of the changed bread and wine. Often there will be some sort of press release or public statements. As a result of these inquiries, it is known that Jesus blood type is AB- and secular laboratories have samples of the changed species.[1] But the Lord was very clear, “Ye shall not tempt the LORD your God, as you tempted Him in Massah.[2] It seems clear that at some time, perhaps in the not too distant future, some foolish scientists will attempt to clone Christ, likely making two copies – one to rule and the other to apparently destroy. In this way the Antichrist, who will be closest to Christ in physical DNA but with different RNA, an RNA not of the Holy Virgin, will have the power of the Cosmos and great earthly wisdom along with jealousy and an evil disposition.

[1] In the Holy Orthodox Church, during the liturgy, penitential prayers are said when an unconsumable change is apparent. The change to unconsumable form is not for boasting, or for analysis but rather for repentance.

[2] Deut: 6:16

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