A Modern Western Roman Catholic Abomination that makes Desolate

In our time, before our very eyes, a vicarious Christ and as yet unrepentant Pope placed an abomination that made desolate on his birthplace Continent of South America. Here is the background.

In May 1970, there was an earthquake that killed 70,000 people in the mountains of South America. Not coincidentally, Catholic Churches in that region had Pachamama earthquake goddess statues near or on their altars. God again judged the gods of the pagans as He had in Egypt. Both times it seems He did so with an earthquake storm that toppled the false gods.[1] As the Almighty once permitted in Egypt so He permitted in 1970 South America.

In Yungay Peru a mudslide buried a town of 20,000 people. Only about 400 survived, mostly children, who were either in a Soccer stadium or in a cemetery. Nothing remained except a statue of Jesus at the height of the cemetery with His hands outstretched over the buried town. One of the survivors carved a warning on the base of that statue to the effect, ‘this is what happens to those that worship the Pachamama.’

In October 2019, Pope Francis paraded wicked Pachamama statues in the Vatican. Even the secular press wondered ‘what the hell was going on.’ And when a faithful Catholic threw one of those statue abominations in the Tiber, the Italian police fished them out and the Pope apologized – to the idolators!

“Coincident”, providentially, the Coronavirus was released, most likely from a Chinese bio-weapons laboratory[2].

In 2020 Worldwide Church attendance dropped owing to the virus. Most people, including Orthodox, did not attend Pascha/Passover/Easter services. Bishops worldwide cowed to illegal State “mandates” and even encouraged violations of established international law regarding what were clearly experimental vaccines and non-informed pressured consent.[3] The laws and traditions of the Churches world-wide were traduced. Never before had Christianity so utterly bowed to Caesar. It was shameful and wicked. 

This situation is exactly what Daniel forewarned[4]. Daniel said true worship would cease and it did. While this is certainly an abomination that makes desolate, it is probably not the final one, but it was one with worldwide scope and certainly a dress rehearsal. We have till April 2023 to complete the three-and-half year cycle.

With respect to the Chinese origin of this pandemic, Pope Francis has gone out of his way to praise the Chinese Communist Party regime. Previously Pope Francis had used a disgraced pederast, more recently and finally a now defrocked Cardinal, to negotiate a deal effectively selling out Chinese Catholics for vast amounts of cash. The love of money

Roman western ecclesiology[5] leaves little room for Bishops to face off against Popes. The fruit of presuming an infallibility of a temporal vicarious over the fact of the Real Presence as the infallible promise fulfilled, for by Christ comes the full teaching of truth in the Holy Spirit, has led to an insane situation where a Pope can do as he wills. It is a situation where a temporally bound “vicarious” can openly honor idols, and no one within the western Catholic Church opposes him to his face.

The only commandment of the satanic bible is, ‘do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.’ It is now manifest in the western Church. Spiritual starvation is manifest. Satanic ritual is now in the open. The only “council” that matters to Roman clergy is the last “council.” Recently Pope Francis, in a prayer circle with his attendant Cardinals placed their hands over their hearts while a native American medicine man prayed for assembled spirits leading a ceremony to the great grandmother![6] How bad does this have to get? The gods of the pagans are demons:[7] As Saint Paul warned:

“But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.[8]

Doubtless certain Roman Catholic apologists will point out that the Church preceded the Holy Scripture. What a load of hackney malarky! The Holy Spirit provided Holy Scripture. Jesus Himself said, “the scripture cannot be broken[9] and spoke repeatedly of how the ‘scriptures might be fulfilled’ in the Gospel of Saint John THE Theologian. People who violate the Holy Scriptures and then say well, the Church (I belong to and rule or have authority in) wrote the Scriptures have zero credibility. But if they wish to follow the Catholic Church, then let them consider the Councils and the Canons:

Canon XXXIII. No one shall join in prayers with heretics or schismatics.

Canon XXXVII. It is not lawful to receive portions sent from the feasts of Jews or heretics, nor to feast together with them.

From the third Canonical Epistle of Our Holy Father Basil, Archbishop of Caesarea.

Canon LXXXI. They who in the invasion of the barbarians have after long torments, eaten of magical things offered to idols, and have sworn heathen oaths, let them not be received for three years; for two years let them be hearers, for three years prostrators, so let them be received; but they who did it without force, let them be ejected three years, be hearers two years, prostrators three years, co-standers three years, so let them be admitted to communion.

Forgive me, but I don’t think Pope Francis was tormented. Rather he torments those who believe as the Fathers believed, and teach as the Fathers taught, and practice as the Scriptures admonish.

Again, the Western Church was the Church Jesus Christ founded. It is past tense that has forgotten its past. It is the Church of those who do what they will because they have the power so to do by one line of the Bible poorly read, while forgetting all the rest of it. If “on this Rock” is prophetic, so too is “get behind me Satan…”

Pope Francis says wonderful things in his social media internet “tweets” to be remembered fondly. But by his works he is known. The temporal error, the slow poison of the Filioque is killing the western Church if it isn’t walking dead already. The heresy of the Filioque is not in the words that are a sharp two edge sword, but in the wielding of it by a man against mankind. For only Jesus Christ is the lover of all mankind, and only Jesus Christ can repair the rift.

In recent history, a Father Philaret, later Metropolitan of the Russian Church Outside of Russia, served Saint Nicholas Church in Harbin that was under control of the Japanese in World War II. The Japanese placed a pagan goddess representing their nation across the street from the Church he served, and demanded that they place such in the Church and bow down to it upon entering the Church. He refused. He was tortured in the most horrible ways. His cheek ripped out, and a hot electric cattle prod was shoved into his spine. But rather than crying out in pain, this Saint prayed to Saint Nicholas and provided witness to the Christian faith. Though he could smell the burning of his flesh, he felt no pain.

This is how a Christian behaves in front of idolators. He does not go into their meetings. He does not honor their false gods. He bravely faces evil and overcomes it with good.

But without even being forced, modern Popes honor pagan idols. It is a scandal beyond comprehension. It is a religion totally apart from the religion of the great Roman martyrs. 

The modern Roman error is an error of respect and lack thereof of Our Father who art in Heaven. And the blasphemy that recent Popes embrace of a religion of the world indicates utter spiritual starvation. They are filled with Pizza, and empty.

The poor Pope has to be warned, but who can warn him? Francis must repent and Catholics have to rise up and demand he repent. Peter must be opposed to his face. If you love that man, you must warn that man. But if you follow him blindly, who is following Christ? And if you do not see the poison that deviation from the Holy Scriptures and the ancient Fathers has brought, how will you realize the prodigal nature of the temporal journey back to the Kingdom of God from the world? How can you find your way back home when you don’t even realize you have left home and are lost? For the home is the Kingdom of God, and in the Kingdom of God Jesus light is every present. 

Perhaps all that is left for western Catholics is to head for the hills away from Judea, away from Rome, and away from error. The Orthodox Church is the hills upon which the Lord resides and presides to this day.

Or perhaps the Western Church can begin to see that the Real Presence means that to Jesus Christ, to the Truth Himself is reserved the right to build His Church, form His Church, reveal THE NAME as He has in Orthodoxy and also with Our Lady of Guadalupe, and use the words the Truth Himself has spoken confessing eternally and Divinely the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father.

Certainly Orthodox Saints and wonderworkers such as recent Saint Paisios of Mount Athos and Saint Porphyrios of the Kafsokalyvite strictly warned against joining with the western Catholics while they held heretical views. They were invited by John Paul II to meet, but they refused saying that the current Pope was bound in egotism and error. 

In my sin, I did not listen. But when I saw the abomination of desolation raised, as a reader I understood. For a reader is one who reads the signs the times, that they are evil, and reads the Holy Scripture knowing it is true and good and necessary for reproof and instruction. Even a layman can do this.

Yet what about those who cannot read? How important it is for those who seek to shepherd souls to speak truth in precision in love. For a scalpel is a useful tool, but it must be used gently by a steady hand.

It is startling that few see these signs of the times and how few read them! But also startling that Christians received the “vaccine” and rolled over and allowed Churches to be closed. Christians in the western nations allow children to be adopted by LGBTQ[10] couples and no one says anything, including bishops. It is scandalous that fellow “Orthodox” with “Catholics” gleefully vote for those who endorse crushing baby heads, or dissolving babies in saline, in agony while traumatizing their mothers in “compassion”:

“Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me”[11]

“Whoso sheds man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man”[12]

“Thou shalt not kill”[13] Having thoroughly traduced the error of the West, let us consider a contentious time when for a brief moment, God gave the Icon “The Sign” to the west to call them back to Orthodoxy

[1] The Plagues of Egypt are explainable by an Earthquake storm, and with that the release of carbon dioxide from the Nile which would turn it blood red. As it is heavier than air, those asleep on the ground for a religious festival connecting themselves with the dead, would suffocate. But the ancient Israelites were standing eating the feast.

[2] There were scientific papers indicating our Chinese friends were working on dangerous SARS variants, and a Chinese General was put in charge of the Level 4 laboratory shortly after the disease appeared. The probability it was not from a laboratory based on the position of the blamed wet market and the laboratory is remote.

[3] Nuremburg Codes

[4] Daniel 9:15-27, 12:9-13, 12:11 And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that makes desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

[5] The study of Church governance. The western Catholic Roman tradition has always been highly structured as the Latin mind was of engineers, not of more scattered scientist/philosophers like the Greeks. Engineers love standards and procedures. With the schism, Thomism became the structured philosophical method of the West, rather than the Wisdom, the Sophia of the Holy Spirit found in deep prayer. This is a fruit of the temporal error of the Filioque. 

[6] Canada, July 2022

[7] Psalm 95/96:5

[8] 1 Cor 10:20-21

[9] From John 10:35

[10] Romans 1:20-32, See Chrysostom Homilies on Romans 4 & 5, Genesis 2:24, 13:13, 14:22-24, 18:1-19:38, Lev 18:22-24 20:13, 1 Kings 15:12, 1 Cor 6:9-11, 17-20, 7:2, 1 Tim 1:8-11, Hebrews 13:1-5, Jude 1:5-8

[11] Matthew 25:40

[12] Genesis 9:6

[13] Exodus 20:13

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