The Logos and Elohim

The beginning of the Holy Gospel of John says, “In the Beginning was the Logos…” where in English we translate Logos to “Word.” However, Logos is more than a simple word, it is the basis of logic. We have seen how in Hebrew, “In the Beginning” is one word that contains the plan of salvation including the Holy Cross.

Genesis begins with “In the Beginning” as well, stating “In the Beginning Elohim created the heaven and the earth…” The creation is in God spoken of as the one who has all the forces of nature. The term Elohim is of all the forces combined, but is stylized as a single force, emphasizing the ONE.

In the Divine Name that begins with Yod. Spelling out Yod itself in Hebrew are Yod that begins the Divine Name, Vav associated with the God-man who is conjunctive and binds all things in the Church, and the Hebrew letter Dalet, the door that opens for us newness of life.

Yod can be thought of as a singularity and point, just as the Cosmos came out of nothing, a singularity. Vav can be thought of as a line, a one-dimensional coordinate system where “their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.” Finally Dalet is virtually a plane for a two-dimensional coordinate system.[1] This is the dynamic of Creation, Father, Son, Holy Spirit – the past, the ever present, and the future as One. This is “In the Beginning” just as the Holy Spirit was over the face of the Deep, and the Father gave utterance through the Logos through whom all things are made that are made.

We have further seen that the Cosmos is in fact small, gentle and young compared to combinatorial space wherein logic must work to make or create living beings. Logic is compelling and logic is powerful.

The greatest power of God is displayed in the Logos.  And this power of logos is displayed in the foolishness of God who came as a humble man and taught to people around Him, and was crucified for us though we are sinners and far from the Father to whom the Son draws us to and through the Holy Spirit. God binds strongly. Elohim binds us to creation and we are bound to the Son who is incarnate.

[1] See “Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew” page 82

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