The Earth is Established it Shall Never be Moved Forever

Let us return to the notion and claim that the Cosmos is small and remarkably young from a scientific chronological standpoint, even if perhaps 14 billion years old, or 140 billion years old!

Logical patterns we observe in this Cosmos occur in a vast combinatorial sea to program living machines in DNA/RNA molecular logos. Again the simplest virus is about 2.3 kilobytes of coding. DNA in even simple cells is gigabytes. The network that describes the chemical reactions required yeast cell division is 30.5 Gigabyte, with about 1079,000,000,000 possible combinations.[1]  “But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. And God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are strong.”[2]

Having established that we live in a fantastically huge combinatorial field that can only be traversed by logic, what defines the important center of something? Material mass or its logical, intelligent arrangement?

After all, if one had a class of students and wanted to grade on a weighted average curve, would one use the mass of each student, or the test scores of the students? One does not have to weight based on mass, one can weight based on something different like logos, in which case “the Earth is established, it shall never be moved forever.”[3] The Earth has life – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and all the rest, as far as we know, are dead worlds. All the vast planets out in the Cosmos seem to be dead. And also, with respect to time, the Earth time is unique to our planet. Our time of liturgy is unique to the Universe[4].

Even if we found life on other worlds, would we find Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Logos? Jesus IS born here. Jesus IS manifest here in the Holy Sacraments of the Church. Jesus IS risen here. Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life here and now so the Earth is established, it shall never be moved forever.

Copernicus and Galileo and all their followers are wrong. They weighted reality based on mass, not based on logos. They believed as Pilate, “what is truth?” We know the truth, WHO, is Jesus Christ. What is second, WHO is first.[5] Further, they neglected the reckoning of time, of clocks and of movement.

And with the Roman Priest George Lemaitre, it was found that the Earth is indeed in an observational center defined by the speed of light times the age of the Cosmos. The Earth is not moved in such a system. And with Einstein along with quantum physics, the intelligent observer was placed right back in the center of the Cosmos.

Logos is WHO that is important for the life of the Cosmos, and the Logos was/is here, dwelt/dwells among us in the Christian faith and the Holy Orthodox Church. For again, the difference between the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church is that the Catholic Church is the Church Christ founded, and the Orthodox Church is the Church Christ Himself founds. Where Christ is, there is the center.

But amusingly, of recent discovery, there are Cosmological and literal mass/space distribution reason for believing the Earth is the Center of the Cosmos and shall never be moved forever! Beyond the fact that multiplying the age of the Cosmos by the speed of light, one comes to the exact same distance in all directions from where we, the reasonable observers live, there are modern observations that indicate the Earth is at or near the Center:

  1. The “axis of evil”[6] in the Cosmic microwave background which shows through two separate and different satellite observations that there is a systematic distribution of the anisotropic cosmic microwave background aligned with Earth-Sun ecliptic plane! If the Copernicus Principle was right, this would not be, for the Copernican principle is the Earth does not occupy an important position in the Cosmos.
  2. Observations show clustering of Galaxies in concentric rings every 250 million light-years (Sloan Digital Sky Survey). If the Copernicus Principle was right, this should not be, for the inner ring is the only ring where such an observation would be made, and we are in the middle of it.
  3. The Cosmic ladder time scales and red shift indicate a changing Hubble “constant” over time as one moves away from this region of space.
  4. If one gets rid of “Dark Energy”, everything we see Cosmologically makes perfect sense as long as we are near the center. Otherwise, we have to add a fudge factor Dark Energy to balloon cosmological inflation theory of roughly 10120 which is the Cosmological Constant Einstein himself called his greatest blunder!

Very real data is best explained with the simplest model. The Earth is at or near the center of a space-time flat expanding Cosmos. It occupies a special place in the Cosmos. This is what the data shows. Balloon expansion with Dark energy is not supported by direct observational evidence. Multiverse and other “theories” which are unobservable in essence reflect a scientific material religion, and not true science. The scientists themselves have overthrown themselves. They call evil good and good evil. Woe to them. They add additional corrections to attain to more complex theories, violating Occam’s Razor!

Of note and recently, with this idiotic pandemic and the unscientific supposed “scientific” response, what more does one have to say against the credibility of heretic scientists? They have placed their opinions above Holy Scripture and above observational data. They are incorrect. They are dangerous to themselves and others. They teach wickedness that destroys lives and souls as they pollute the Earth; LGBTQ, trans-sexualism, abortion, nuclear weaponry and many other wicked things.

[1] At 10 zeros per second, while writing out the 0’s of the interactions of the cosmos would require under 13 seconds, just to write the 0’s in 1079,000,000,000 would require over 250 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

[2] 1 Cor 1:27

[3] Psalm 103/104:5

[4] A planets mass determines the rate of wall clock time. For example, GPS navigational satellites in geocentric orbit must have their clocks run a bit faster owing to their altitude as the further from the surface from a gravitational object one gets, the faster a wall clock runs relative to an exact duplicate clock on the ground! This is a result from Einstein’s theory of General Relativity, a correction of Special Relativity also being required. 

[5] I don’t know is third, why is left field, because is center, the pitcher is tomorrow, the catcher today, and I don’t give a damn is short stop. The best Roman Catholic theology of the 20th Century of an Abbott with Costello

[6] So-called by those who call good evil and evil good, bitter for sweet, sweet for bitter. Isaiah 5:20

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