Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed forever.

I once heard a lecture from the man who wrote the book on Einstein Gravitometrics, John Wheeler. During that lecture he said in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Reality, that it seemed necessary for there to be an intelligence for the Cosmos itself to exist. For the Cosmos to be, there had to be an intelligent observer of it. Thus one could infer the intelligence of the observer seemed to matter to the fact of the observation; the more intelligent the observer, the more accurate and precise the matter of the observation itself. Wheeler, at least at that time, seemed not to be a believer, but his statement rang more than a little true.

In school, when one decides who graduates and who fails, does one use the mass of the student, or their scores on tests? One might approximate the average weight of intelligence or learning of a class by averaging test scores. Certainly one uses such scores and grades rather than mass to determine who passes, who fails.

The weighting function of test scores then approximately measures whether a person has learned what is necessary to pass on to the next grade or graduate. And if intelligence is required for quantum reality to be affirmed, then all that the Scriptures says rings true, even in the fallen Cosmos and physics. It is the weight of intelligence that matters, and the weight of mass is meaningless except where it is so observed and used by the intelligent to compute the “what” of intelligently observed material reality.

Copernicus and Galileo believed and taught in the Heliocentric system it was the material mass that one should weigh, and not the weightier stuff of intelligence, when one determines the center of things. But the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men.

In Celestial Mechanics, the Copernican principle is that no particular point is preferred to others, but this is a bit of an error if one allows points to move improperly. Most systems are not inertial, and all real celestial mechanics computations are approximate and corrected, just as Ptolemy’s were. [In fact in galaxies, it seems that with distance from the central black holes, gravity begins to fall off by the inverse of distance rather than the inverse square, as though a mass were influenced by a field of gravity extending outward from the central body, not from a central point where rays emanate, but rather a large radial field ever tangential to distant bodies. For a search light of many points the light, in the center of light rays fall off by the the inverse of distance, rather than the inverse square with distance, and so too does the gravity field in galaxies with large central black holes and distant bodies from the center. This is perhaps explained by the influence of many central bodies reflecting gravity waves – but this is a complex matter and physicists prefer a dark matter explanation]

In fact when one does computations of planetary orbits of multiple bodies with non-zero masses, one creates a fixed referential system that meets the criteria of the laws of motion – a so-called “inertial system.” An inertial system is a system where Newton’s equations of motion apply. A center of mass system, where the fixed point is always the center of mass of a system, is not an inertial system except in idealized circumstances (infinite central body point mass, or 0 mass for all other bodies).

Rather in realistic celestial mechanics, one chooses an arbitrary set of fixed references, and computes the motion of bodies about that fixed field using Newton’s laws of motion, nowadays corrected for Special and General Relativity effects. In a system where there are three or more bodies of non-zero mass, the computations are not closed form, cannot be closed form (analytic) except in a generalized sense, and solutions can only be found approximately using high precision numerical methods and computers out to a few million years.

So the modern Copernican principle is that one has a fixed arbitrary system of points and one can set the origin in a non-moving field. With General Relativity, and co-moving coordinate systems, the observer’s position with respect to clocks and their real differences becomes important, further complicating the matter.

In Quantum Mechanics, the observation itself can determine outcomes – and we, in fact, live in a Cosmos where Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity in fact apply. [Schrodinger’s cat in its potentially fatal box may not know whether it is alive or dead, but a man can hear it purr and know it is alive, and when it stops purring he might suspect it has died. But there is a man who after three days arose from the dead, the Divine Logos through whom all things were made that are made, and we know He is alive by witnesses, and their testimony is true.]

So where is the center of the Cosmos? It is not at the center of mass, nor is it everywhere arbitrary. The center is in fact where the intelligent observers are, and the intelligent observers are on the Earth. Godly intelligent men ought to weigh the center where intelligence and cause and causality are determinant of the center;

“And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.”

It is the foolishness of God, and His Cosmos and His Creation where man, the intelligent observer is always and at all times the center of this Age, this Cosmos. If we weigh intelligence, all other worlds are of zero weight, and the Earth were the God-man, the Very Good (for God alone is Good), is the ever center. Thus the Cosmos in fact revolves about mankind on the Earth, and the Earth is central. For in practical celestial mechanics, the intelligent observer computes rise and set times for where he points his instruments to read the heavens, and affirm his non-trivial computations.

Welcome back to the center of the Cosmos.

One might wonder for example, that when Adam partook of the forbidden fruit, death entered the Cosmos, and it seemed to have entered the Cosmos before Adam – as though Adam’s disobedience went back to the beginning where the devil was a liar and murderer from. In a quantum mechanical view of reality, that makes sense in a physical way, not simply or only in a theological way. And this confirms what our Father among the Saints, John Chrysostom said, that ‘religion is the science of sciences.’ For in an intelligent central system, where the Earth is established it shall never be moved, the choice of man and men determines outcome even before the choice is made, in a time above time.

And this is important. So many go and went astray because they believed the Holy Scriptures were flawed. So many go and went astray because they preferred the wisdom of science falsely so called to the foolishness of God. So many entered “revolution” of mass, of materialism where there was and is no revolution about the Sun, but rather the Son who is here and ever with us in the the Real Presence – and where He is there is the center of all things always and forever.

Our children are over educated in classical thinking and its pagan attendant abysmal stupidity that follows a reductionist and jurisdictional mass or material weighted view of reality. Judas thirty pieces of silver, the “what” of the Philistines and of Pilate became preferable to the “Who” who is truth – Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior, the Logos through whom all things were made that are made, who seeing our fall, gave Himself on the cross, setting His beams upon the waters.

True higher learning should recognize the fullness of truth, where the intelligent observer is there is the center. There is no university without the center being the Universal man, Jesus Christ. The modernist Vatican erred in apologizing to Galileo – the poor man was wrong about everything, including physics and celestial mechanics.

Now the atheists will laugh at such things, but if they probed, they would fear and if they cared they would probe. For those who seek find, and those who do not seek, do not find. [The greatest Catholic theologian of the 20th Century was arguably a comic Abbott; Who is first, what is second, I don’t know third, Why is left field, cause is center, the pitcher is tomorrow, the catcher today and the short stop for wisdom, don’t give out damnation.]

Therefore our faith is justified in wisdom, even in our foolish sophistry, for our philosophy is of the All Good Holy and Life-Giving Spirit, the very and eternal Spirit of Truth ever proceeding from the Father, and ever received through and in the glorious Son.

To the Lamb of God be all glory, honor and majesty forever and ever and to ages of ages,


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